AMD revealed 3 brand-new workstation GPUs called the W6000X series that will certainly be made solely for Apple’s Mac Pro. Therefore, these will not be amongst the very best graphics cards, unless possibly we’re speaking about the very best GPUs for Apple. The schedule contains the W6900X, W6800X, and also the W6800X Duo including AMD’s most current RDNA 2 style and also memory setups of as much as 64GB and also 128GB for the Duo.

These brand-new GPUs will certainly offer the Mac Pro a severe visual upgrade contrasted to its present W5000X offerings, with dual to virtually quadruple the efficiency of the present Radeon Pro RX W5700X. To place in point of view just how much quicker these brand-new GPUs are, the most affordable teir card, the W6800X, has virtually dual the efficiency of the W5700X, with 32 Teraflops of efficiency contrasted to simply 18.9 on the previous front runner W5700X.

The W6800X will certainly be the entry-level card in the W6000X schedule, with specifications that look really comparable to the Radeon RX 6800 desktop computer matching– it’s likewise primarily the like the Radeon Pro W6800, other than with somewhat reduced clocks to select the Apple-centric motif. The W6800X includes 60CUs composing a total amount of 3840 Stream Cpus with a peak clock rate of 2087MHz. The card will certainly operate a 256-bit large memory bus with 32GB of GDDR6 memory and also 128MB of Infinity Cache.

The W6900X is the mid-level GPU alternative with 80CUs and also 5120 Stream Processors, comparable to that of the RX 6900 XT. Memory stays the very same with 32GB of GDDR6 working on a 256-bit large bus and also 128MB of Infinity Cache.

Lastly, AMD’s greatest tier alternative is the W6800X Duo, one of the most unique card in the schedule with a double GPU arrangement operating on a solitary daughterboard. The W6800X Duo, as the name suggests, includes 2 W6800X GPUs connected with each other with AMD’s Infinity Material adjoin. As an outcome of this, stream cpu matters and also memory are increased to 120CUs, 7680 Stream Processors, and also 64GB of GDDR6 memory. However because of the intricacies of running 2 GPUs on one board, and also the reduced 400W (versus 300W) TDP, clock rates have actually been somewhat decreased to a peak clock of 1979MHz.

Mac Pro W6000X Workstation GPUs
Design CUs: Stream Processors Memory User Interface Efficiency: Infinity Cache GDDR6 Memory Config: TGP (Complete Videos Power):
Radeon PRO W6900X 80 5120 256-bit 22 FP32 TFLOPs 128MB 32GB 300W
Radeon PRO W6800X 60 3840 256-bit 16 FP32 TFLOPs 128MB 32GB 300W
Radeon PRO W6800X Duo 120 7680 256-bit (per GPU) 30.2 FP32 TFLOPs 256MB (128MB per GPU) 64GB (32GB per GPU) 400W (overall)

Due to the fact that AMD’s W6000X GPUs are special to the Mac Pro, these ‘graphics cards’ will certainly be available in an MPX Component. These components are made to suit the Mac Pro’s framework and also feature added ports on the PCB to permit multi-GPU setups and also power for the numerous Thunderbolt 3 ports geared up on each W6000X collection GPU.

Mentioning multi-GPU configs, the Mac Pro permits an optimum of 2 W6000X MPX components to be placed right into its framework. This consists of the W6800X Duo also, implying you can have a Quad-GPU arrangement in your Mac Pro.

The air conditioning service for every workstation GPU is likewise custom-made for the Mac Pro with each MPX component loading a matte black passive heatsink that makes use of the Mac Pro’s framework followers for air conditioning.

However prices will certainly be fairly high, as is typical with Apple’s offerings. Developing the Mac Pro out with a W6800X will certainly bill you an extra $2400 over the standard Radeon Pro 580X, $5600 for the W6900X, and also $4600 for the W6800X Duo. This is as well as the twin GPU arrangements which greater than double those rates.

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