The iQunix A80 Traveler is a retro-inspired 80% key-board that weds a classic layout with contemporary attributes. Complying with the business’s last huge key-board, the F96, the A80 has a great deal to meet. It provides follower preferred aspects, such as top quality, vibrant PBT keycaps and also silent stabilizers, and also includes in them with a small kind aspect and also the choice to make use of a 2.4 GHz cordless dongle or Bluetooth link.

The A80 involves market with a rate that varies from $169 right to $199, depending upon your option of buttons and also whether you would certainly such as RGB or otherwise. Our system was valued at $189 (opens in new tab) and also features complete RGB and also Cherry MX Red switches over.

iQunix likewise supplies the board in L80 and also M80 variations. The L80 version is offered in three additional colorways and also has some small adjustments to the feature row and also indication light. The M80 is a larger separation and also fantastically cat-themed, right to the form of the keycaps and also a set of sharp ears along the top of the key-board. I was sent out the A80 and also L80 variations to contrast for this evaluation yet will certainly be concentrating on the A80 as it is the extra one-of-a-kind of both. Allow’s see if it has what it requires to turn into one of the most effective cordless key-boards.

iQunix A80 Traveler Specifications

Switches Over Cherry MX Red (evaluated), Blue, Brown, Silver, Silent Red; Gateron Red, Blue, Brown
Lights RGB
Onboard Storage Space None
Media Keys With Fn
Connection USB Type-A cord, 2.4 GHz USB Type-A dongle, Bluetooth 5.0
Wire 5.3 feet (1.6 m), knotted
Extra Ports None
Keycaps PBT plastic, dye-sublimated
Software Application None
Measurements (LxWxH) 12.6 x 6.3 x 2.1 inches (321 x 159 x 52mm)
Weight 3.5 extra pounds (1.6 kg)

Style of the iQunix A80 Traveler

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

The iQunix A80 Traveler is a blast from the past. It’s portable in dimension, determining 12.6 x 6.3 inches, making it smaller sized than your ordinary tenkeyless mechanical key-board, while still consisting of every one of one of the most essential secrets. It includes a white, yellow and also blue color design that really feels right out of the ’80s without straight replicating any type of solitary motivation.

The visual exceeds the keycaps. The instance, which is made from abdominal muscle plastic, is mainly the very same dark teal as a number of the keycaps, yet has a yellow base that twists around the back to match the accent secrets. There’s likewise a yellow strip simply over the feature row that’s enhanced with a selection of little dots. It features a coordinating wire that’s entwined in the very same teal shade and also utilizes yellow warmth diminish to finish the appearance. The very same, very themed layout puts on each of the x80 versions in their various color pattern, basically transforming each right into its very own desktop computer discussion starter.

iQunix A80 Traveler (leading) and also iQunix L80 (base) ( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

The A80 looks a lot more classic than its L80 equivalents. Instead of ordinary entirely level, the feature row is tilted upwards, a little bit like the old IBM Version M. It’s a tiny adjustment that I initially thought was just for appearances, yet I swiftly uncovered that it makes the feature row extra comfy to make use of (and also faster to accessibility for pc gaming).

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

In Between the Esc and also F1 secrets is a huge indication light framed in frozen plastic. It coincides size as a keycap and also really feels far more like a light than the little LEDs usual to key-boards today. It draws double-duty as a Caps Lock and also battery life indication and also will certainly likewise alter shades and also flash, depending upon if you’re trying to link over Bluetooth or the consisted of cordless dongle. On the L80 versions, this light is an easy plastic item, and also the indication light is relocated to a small LED in the facility of the key-board.

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

A classic motif alone isn’t sufficient to make a fantastic key-board, so I mored than happy to discover high-points all throughout the A80’s layout, (along with a couple of dissatisfactions). Taking the key-board all at once, it definitely appears that iQunix has actually focused on what fanatic neighborhoods like r/mechanicalkeyboards demand.

The keycaps, along with being themed, are made from thick PBT plastic with dye-sublimated tales. Keying in on them really felt strong and also rewarding, and also there’s a refined appearance to their surface area that really felt good under the finger. Extra notably, they’re immune to beaming and also deteriorating gradually, unlike the common abdominal muscle plastic keycaps located on the majority of pre-built key-boards. Doubleshot keycaps, which make use of a 2nd item of plastic for the tales, would certainly have been also much better to raise the quality of the tales, yet these are well done and also look excellent.

You can obtain the key-board with RGB or, for $20 much less, without any backlighting. The RGB variation utilizes per-key illumination, so lighting computer animations circulation efficiently, and also responsive inputting reacts to every vital press. There are 7 lighting settings: fixed, wave, per-key responsive inputting, splashing, range biking, breathing and also a per-key rainbow that advises me a little a container of jelly beans. You can manage each impact’s brightnes and also rate, and also the majority of are color-customizable throughout 9 various shades. There’s no per-key modification, nevertheless, so you’re stuck to these presets. Considering that the buttons aren’t backlit, the illumination handles an underglow impact and also isn’t extremely intense. It looks excellent in a dark space yet does not attract attention a lot in daytime.

Wireless Experience on the iQunix A80 Traveler

In spite of its classic appearance, the A80 is in fact fairly contemporary with its connection choices. You can link using the USB wire (the key-board utilizes USB Type-C to USB Type-A) or wirelessly with Bluetooth 5.0 or a 2.4 GHz USB-A dongle.

For job or pc gaming at the computer, the 2.4 GHz dongle did flawlessly and also was equally as receptive as the wired link, also when pc gaming.

Utilizing Bluetooth, the A80 attached dependably to my phone or laptop computer. Unlike the F96, which sustained 3 Bluetooth gadgets, the A80 just sustains one; (although, you might wirelessly combine it with 2 gadgets if you make use of the dongle). You’ll be stuck removing the last link and also re-pairing whenever if you prepare to utilize it with numerous Bluetooth gadgets. There’s likewise no location to save the USB dongle on the key-board itself, so you’ll require to make sure not to shed it en route.

On the bonus side, the A80 sustains a huge 4,000 mAh battery that iQunix insurance claims benefits 200 days over Bluetooth and also 60 days over 2.4 GHz without any backlight. I left my backlight on the rainbow wave establishing for a complete week of screening and also just handled to drain pipes 30% of its battery, many thanks to a quick-acting rest setting that shuts off the lights after numerous mins of still. There’s no software program to see a battery read-out, yet holding the Feature switch and also pushing “B” will certainly trigger the indication to blink in 10% periods to show continuing to be battery life. When you’re listed below 10%, the indication light will certainly redden, motivating you to connect in.

Mechanical Buttons in the iQunix A80 Traveler

The A80 Traveler comes your option of Cherry MX or Gateron vital buttons. From Group Cherry, you can select from Red (straight), Blue (clicky), Brown (responsive), Silver (rate) or Quiet Red ($ 10 upcharge). From Group Gateron is the common Red, Blue or Brown. It’s a numerous range and also a nod to the fanatic neighborhood that typically favors Gateron switches over to Cherries, as a result of their boosted regarded level of smoothness.

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

If you prefer to make use of various buttons, you can do that as well, many thanks to the A80’s hot-swap capability. Instead of buttons soldered to the key-board, you can just disconnect each of the A80’s buttons, utilizing the consisted of switch-puller device. This is an outstanding attribute, specifically for novices trying to find a method to alter their mechanical key-board buttons and also attempt brand-new ones without requiring to purchase a brand-new key-board. It likewise indicates busted buttons can currently be drawn and also changed in case of a spill. The A80 sustains both 3-pin and also 5-pin buttons, so works with both PCB-mounted and also plate-mounted kinds of buttons.

Drawing the buttons out, I was stunned to discover that iQunix presumed regarding include audio dampening foam beneath the button plate. This is an usual exercise with personalized key-boards to lower the hollowness in the framework and also undesirable button sound yet isn’t typically located on manufacturing key-boards. This boosted the inputting experience and also decreased the total quantity of the key-board.

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

Listed below the bigger secrets, the Traveler utilizes Costar-style stabilizers. As opposed to utilizing dummy buttons, like the majority of key-boards, the A80 utilizes plastic inserts that connect straight to the cord under each longer keycap. This sort of stabilizer is more challenging to eliminate yet except lubing the buttons or altering keycaps, there’s no factor to. The stabilizers are well-lubricated out of package and also have practically no rattle. They are, without overestimation, several of the most effective stabilizers I have actually located on a pre-built key-board and also made the inputting experience superb.

Keying In Experience on the iQunix A80 Traveler

iQunix A80 Explorer

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

The A80 is offered with both Cherry and also Gateron switches over. Depending upon your option, the specifications of each will certainly differ. My system included Cherry MX Red switches over, which include a light-weight 45g actuation pressure and also smooth, straight traveling. They activate at 2mm and also have an overall traveling range of 4mm, both of which are extremely common and also must really feel acquainted to anybody that has actually utilized a mechanical key-board prior to.

Keying In on both the A80 and also L80 was an enjoyment, though I provide the side to the A80, as a result of the enhanced functional designs of its feature row. Cherry buttons tend to produce springtime sound, yet the key-boards’ damping foam decreased this significantly while likewise including a sensation of strength. The minor appearance to the keycaps really felt good under my fingers, and also their density caused a favorably thick audio when bad. The maintained secrets, like Backspace and also Spacebar, provided definitely no rattle and also made inputting on both key-boards very good in feeling and also audio account.

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

The A80 fit to make use of and also really felt all-natural to me, also without a hand remainder, yet it may be as well high for some. The lower chin on the A80 stands simply over 0.5 inch high, and also the L80 raises that to nearly 1 inch. Both key-boards are constructed with a mild angle to the keyset, also without the tilt feet involved, yet you can raise this more by cracking up either to a couple of angles.

My ordinary inputting rate floats around 110 words per min (wpm) with 95% precision. Making use of the A80, I balanced 113 wpm with 98% precision throughout 10 Monkeytype examinations. This is an enhancement yet close sufficient that it much better mirrors exactly how simple the key-board is to adjust to versus any type of benefit in the responsiveness of its buttons.

One tiny, yet significant, factor to consider is the angle of the key-board. The instance is developed with a mild slope to enhance inputting functional designs, also when laying level. This can be boosted even more with 2 collections of tilt feet under of the key-board, tiny and also huge. I located the all-natural angle to be sufficient, yet the included modification is a welcome enhancement.

Video Gaming Experience on the iQunix A80 Traveler

The iQunix A80 and also L80 key-boards aren’t pc gaming key-boards yet you can definitely utilize them to play video games. The largest distinction is that they do not use the degree of programmability and also modification assured by the ideal pc gaming key-boards. Considering that there’s no software program or onboard shows, producing macros, personalized remaps and also faster ways aren’t feasible. If you do not require those points, the A80 has the ability to provide a receptive pc gaming experience over its wire or dongle link.

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

For pc gaming, keypresses require to be signed up immediately. iQunix assures 1ms reaction time whether you’re attached over USB or utilizing the A80’s cordless dongle. Real to the insurance claims, I had not been able to view any type of distinction in all. Also in twitch-heavy first-person shooters, like CS: GO, the A80 done perfectly utilizing its cordless link.

Bluetooth was extra laggy throughout screening. The reaction time raises to 8ms over Bluetooth, which suffices to be noticeable. It’s not an excellent suitable for video games that call for rapid response times, yet if you’re a follower of playing turn-based method or card combatants, it’s flawlessly functional. I had the ability to play numerous hrs of Overall Battle: 3 Kingdoms utilizing Bluetooth, and also the included latency was hardly obvious. In Phone Call of Task: Warzone, it definitely was, so it’s ideal to adhere to slower-paced video games.

While I missed out on having the ability to remap secrets and also have various accounts for numerous video games, pc gaming on the A80 still really felt excellent similarly that inputting really felt excellent. The secrets were smooth and also regular. As well as if you like straight buttons yet do not such as extremely delicate ones, such as the Cherry MX Rate Silvers provided in the Corsair K100 RGB pc gaming key-board, the A80 is an all-natural fit. Relocating my personality and also sending out commands was smooth and also dependable.

Attributes and also Software Application

The largest restriction of the A80 is its absence of programmability. Unlike the F96, there’s no software program, so personalized macros, remaps, and also tailored RGB systems run out the inquiry.

iQunix does consist of the capacity to switch the Caps Lock and also Ctrl secrets with a vital mix and also supplies integrated Mac assistance with an additional, yet if you’re a player, you may be better-suited checking out a specialized pc gaming key-board rather than one developed around inputting like the A80.

You do have accessibility to media controls and also a couple of faster ways integrated around the F-row and also arrowhead secrets with the Fn switch.


iQunix A80 Explorer

( Picture credit report: Tom’s Equipment)

The iQunix A80 is a remarkably great key-board. (The very same can be claimed for the L80, which is extremely comparable in its total layout.) There’s an exceptional interest to information below, from the vibrant, vintage layout and also matching wire, to making use of damping foam and also impressive stabilizers. The outcome is a key-board that’s really one-of-a-kind and also supplies an inputting experience that takes on a custom-made mechanical key-board.

Still, that vibrant layout and also reasonably pricey cost isn’t for everyone. If you like the kind aspect yet can not manage the A80, the Keychron K2, while much less costs in develop, begins at $80 for the variation with RGB. If you do not mind shedding a couple of secrets, the Ducky Mecha SF Radiant trades the feature row for a rainbowlike all-metal framework and also maintains the hot-swap capability and also PBT keycaps yet isn’t cordless. You might likewise take into consideration constructing your very own personalized mechanical key-board and also customizing every item one-of-a-kind to your preference.

If you like the A80’s one-of-a-kind feeling of design and also do not require innovative shows attributes, it is among the most effective pre-built key-boards for inputting offered today. It’s a victor in feeling and also responsiveness, and also the incorporation of fanatic preferred attributes, like hot-swappable buttons and also top quality, themed keycaps make it a feasible choice for several years ahead. It does not come cheap, yet the A80 provides a superior experience.

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